Slim Tea Mild Formula
Slim Tea Mild Formula
Slim Tea Mild Formula
Slim Tea Mild Formula

Slim Tea Mild Formula

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Our #1 selling product "Get Slim Detox Tea" is featured in Forbes!

You may now try our Slim Tea cold like iced tea! Just add lots of ice, lemon and honey if you please. Drink just 1 cup a day. Results vary person to person and are not guaranteed. You must put in the effort to see results!

SlimTea Benefits

Helps improve IBS & IBS related issues
Boosts metabolism
Helps improve skin complexion
Naturally raises energy levels
Detoxes your internal organs
Reduces bloating
Refreshed feeling
Flushes out harsh toxins
Helps improve digestive issues
Naturally reboots your system


Add 1 - 1 1/2  8oz cup cup of water in a pot. Add tea bag into the pot with the water. Boil water with he tea bag on low heat for 5-10 minutes. Note, the longer you boil it the stronger it becomes. Boil on LOW or the water will evaporate. Drink anytime warm or cold. Use 1 tea bag per day.

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